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Greensburg Salem Middle School

Camp Soles

Camp Soles Outdoor Educational Program

Much of the sixth grade Science and Geography curriculum at Greensburg Salem Middle School deals with the study of our environment. It is our goal to make these studies more relevant to our students by presenting them with an opportunity of a more "hands-on" approach to those studies.

Camp Soles sits on 264 acres of woods, meadows, wetlands, ponds and lakefront and provides a quality blend of social and academic education for both students and teachers.  Whether planning their next move on the challenge course, flying down the zip line, or measuring the water quality based on the biological life found in the pond, students develop skills through real life applications.

Our hope is that during our annual three day overnight stay at Camp Soles, our students will learn to respect and appreciate those natural resources with which our nation has been blessed and come to a richer understanding of their role in the preservation of this heritage.

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