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Greensburg Salem Middle School

Student Assistance Program (SAP)


What is the Student Assistance Program? 

In Pennsylvania, every middle and high school and some elementary schools have a Student Assistance Program (SAP). The SAP Core Team at Greensburg Salem Middle School is comprised of the building principals, the school counselor, teachers, and a behavioral health liaison that is contracted through Westmoreland Casemanagment and Supports Inc. The SAP team is here to help you (parents) and students to access school and community resources.

The SAP program is a formal, consistent, and systematic approach to the identification of students at risk due to substance, mental health, or other personal problems. The program provides for the monitoring of these students and for intervention and referral to outside services when appropriate. The SAP team also provides support to students returning to school after treatment and works to prevent student problems through awareness campaigns, fostering a positive school climate, and promoting wellness in all students. 

Students can be referred to the SAP team by a teacher, counselor, nurse, or administrator. Students can also be referred by other students, parents and family members, and by themselves. However, the SAP team will not be involved unless we receive permission from the parent.

Do you see your child showing any of these behaviors?

  • Withdrawing from family, friends and/or school
  • Change in friends; no longer spends time with old friends
  • Unexplained physical injuries
  • Talking about suicide
  • Depressed
  • Defying authority, both at home and at school
  • Acting aggressively
  • Lying
  • Needing money without explanation
  • Sudden drop in grades
  • Experimenting with drugs or alcohol


Are you concerned about your child’s reaction to:

  • Recent death of a loved one
  • Divorce of parents
  • Family relocation
  • A relationship problem
  • Other traumatic event


If your child is having trouble in or out of school, we can help you. There may be times when you just don’t know how to help your child. That’s okay; someone else may know how to help.

Don’t feel embarrassed or uncomfortable about asking for help. When extra help is needed, knowing how and where to find help can be overwhelming. Please call the school and ask to speak with the school counselor so that you can have the support you need to help your child. 

How to Get Your Child Involved in SAP:

Below is the SAP Referral form, as well as the optional Parent Checklist, if you would like to refer your student to SAP. You can fill out the form(s) and turn it in to the school counselor to begin the SAP process. 

Information cited from The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Departments of Education, Health, and Public Welfare. (2004)

Members of the Middle School SAP Team

  • David V. Redinger - Principal
  • Ray A. Francis, Sr. - Associate Principal
  • Heather Meyer - Guidance Counselor/SAP Team Leader
  • Alex Nuccetelli - Guidance Counselor
  • Paige Ponsonby - Dean of Students/Teacher
  • Ryan Cameron - Teacher
  • Michelle Eaglehouse - Teacher
  • Barb Garofola - Teacher
  • Gabby Giovenco - Teacher
  • Kim Hunter - Teacher
  • Hannah Mihalko - Reading Specialist
  • Jeff Nese - Teacher
  • Jonathan Hile - WCSI Liaison