Washington DC Trip Information


Washington, DC 2023


8th-Grade Field Trip


Dear Parent(s) or Guardian(s):DC


We are very pleased to announce that the eighth-grade students will be going on a field trip to Washington, D.C., this spring! This year's trip will occur on Friday, April 28, 2023. It is not mandatory that every eighth-grade student participate; however, we encourage students to attend, as we believe this field trip to be a very educational and enjoyable experience.


If necessary, staff and students will adhere to CDC and school district guidelines for COVID at the time of the trip. Staff will work with the travel company and Washington, D.C., personnel to enforce additional health and safety precautions to ensure a fun and safe trip.


The cost of this field trip is $120 per student. This cost includes coach bus travel, two meals (lunch and dinner) and a GSMS souvenir t-shirt that must be worn on the day of the trip.


Students must return their signed permission slip and their first payment by Friday, February 17th Students must submit their permission slips and their payments to their science teacher, Mr. Wisniewski or their social studies teacher, Mr. Cameron. 



Final payments are due on Friday, March 3rd Payments may be made any time between now and March 3rd, so you may split up the $120 field trip fee if that helps. The entire amount is due by Friday, March 3rd, in order to secure busing for the trip.




Students who participated in last year's fundraiser will have their credit deducted from the cost of this field trip. Students should see Mr. Wisniewski or Mr. Cameron if they have questions concerning the current amount of earned credit. Any student that might have a problem with the payment schedule should see Mr. Cameron or a school principal as soon as possible.


Students who do not attend the field trip will be required to attend school on April 28th.


Departure time for this field trip will be at 5 AM,

from Greensburg Salem Middle School on April 28th.

Transportation will be by commercial coach through Thomas Tours and Travel.

The estimated time of departure from Washington, D.C., is 6 PM, the same evening.


Parents or guardians are required to pick up their children in the GSMS parking lot upon arrival that evening. A detailed itinerary will be provided closer to the trip.



GSMS 8th-Grade Faculty