Mr. Redinger - Principal

Mr. Redinger
Welcome to GSMS.  A primary concern of every parent is that their child is safe when attending school.  My number one responsibility is to work with teachers and parents to keep your child safe.  We expect that students treat each other respectfully, keep their hands to themselves, and use only kind words.  Ironically, these are the same rules that parents teach at home and the school begins teaching in kindergarten.  As students mature, they begin to recognize the importance of these behaviors and just like reading and math, some students take a little longer to learn.  In the event that a student does not follow the rules, we use a restorative approach to discipline to help get them back on track.  Our restorative approach involves counseling and sometimes consequences to motivate a change in behavior.  Our goal is that every student has learned to treat each other respectfully before they move on to the High School.

Another one of our primary goals is to ensure all students develop their path to success.  We have a team of dedicated teachers who work with your child every day to make that happen.  Because we know every child is different and every child is special, strategies and resources for one student may be different than those for another.  In the end, the efforts of your child and the teacher will determine the extent to which we meet their goal.  If you have any questions or need assistance with anything, please don't hesitate to call or email.
Mr. David V. Redinger