Welcome to the Greensburg Salem Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society
The Greensburg Salem Chapter of the NJHS is excited to welcome 42 new inductees this year. 
After discussing our options for an Induction Ceremony with NASSP, the parent organization of NJHS, and other school across the country, we are going to proceed without one for the time being and will confirm your membership through other means.  If you are still interested in purchasing a membership card and pin, you may still do so by turning in your money and form to the middle school through the regular mail service.  These forms must be postmarked by next Thursday, April 9.  Additional forms are available under the files tab in Microsoft Teams or here, on the middle school NJHS website, under NJHS Forms.  Once I can order pins and have them delivered, I will distribute pins and certificates to the new inductees.  
Due to the cancellation of school, students are asked to keep in contact with Mr. Doran through Microsoft Teams.  In order to access the NJHS Team, log in to Microsoft 365 and open the Teams app.
Enjoy your time with family and stay healthy.